Dispelling Myths

On , Erin Leonzio said:

One of the biggest perpetrators of racism is the litany of myths/suppositions that much of the non-Indigenous community believes about First Nations/Metis/Inuit people. Things such as a genetic predisposition to alcoholism, the idea that all Aboriginal people do not pay taxes, and the incredible misunderstandings surrounding the treaties. I believe that education in public schools beginning in elementary school on the history of colonialism and Aboriginal people in North America would go a long way to dispelling these myths early on.
I think it would also be beneficial to educate children and adults a like on how intergenerational trauma impacts community at all levels. That the sort of victim blaming mentality that people possess does nothing to further healing in the communities and that a little compassion and support (either at a systems level or individual) can be the change needed to heal.

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