Winnipeg's New Mantra...Let It Start With Me!

On , Kim said:

Let it start with me is the new mantra Winnipeg must embrace in order to rise above and create more opportunities for all young people. Fact is there are Forst Nations people in many parts of Canada, however Winnipeggers seem to have allowed themselves to stoop to dysfunctional levels. Perhaps it is more wide spread than that. The solution is ALL Winnipeggers taking responsibility to where they are slipping and co-operatively promoting an environment where the focus is on behaviour, not racial slurs. Seems that addiction plays a role, which is why I have added the attatchment from AFM. Question: I wonder how if First Nations people had the resources of the Catholic church if this problem would even exist? It appears to me that many ethnic groups have felt the same at one time or about putting the focus on healing and end all racism once and for ALL! The children are depending on it*

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