A Sporty Solution

On , Wilson Truong said:

It's Christmas eve, 1914. Along the western front during world war 1. What caused an unofficial cessation of war for a short period of time? Soccer.
British and German troops dropped their weapons and picked up a soccer ball and played football. This event was called the christmas truce.
I feel like sports bring people together, for example, the olympics.
I propose having a sporting event that seperates teams by location, North, South, Central, West, East. Sports ranging from basketball, to dance competitions, nothing is left off the table. All regions win, 1st place gets the highest grant amount. The grants will go towards community, whether it be to build new parks as long as it's bettering the community as a whole. MLAs will not decide how this money is spent. There will be an idea proposal first, then a vote by the community of that region to decide the top five ideas, finally, it will be up to the regions community to decide which idea best fits the interest of the community.

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