On , Kathrine said:

I'm a 25 year old, female, aboriginal college student and I feel that in order to tackle the racism issues here Canada we need to educate everyone on the history of our First Nations people. The REAL history. As grim and harsh as it may be I believe that if everyone was taught from a young age what the First Nations people had to go through, what they REALLY, ACTUALLY, TRUTHFULLY had to go through the whole truth and not just bits and pieces of it (like I was taught in the public school system when I was growing up) then even I would have a different outlook on everything. Learning the truth about what happened to our people on my own made me mad, upset, I felt like I was lied to growing up from my teachers; the people we look up to the most as young people, but they aren't allowed to teach us the harsh reality of what really happened because it's not in any text books. I believe that if everyone was taught the whole truth then things would be different now. Thank you for your time.

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