treat all races equally, on all levels

On , Amber said:

Have all races pay the same taxes, earn jobs and start businesses the same way! What makes an Aboriginal child more entitled than a 'white' child for certain schooling and job opportunities? How is it ok that an Aborignal person may be more qualified than a 'white' person for a job soley because of their race? Why is it that when an Aborignal person purchases a veh they are tax sheltered and 'white' people are not? At what point will the 'white mans' debt to Aboriginal be paid? There will always be people who make good and bad choices from every race. Why is it that one race is under an umbrella where what applies to the rest of the population doesn't apply to them? Aboriginal people - if you want to be treated fairly start following the same rules and paying the same taxes as everyone else and stop asking for special treatment. When the govt finally decides the debt to Aboriginal people is paid and we are treated the same on all levels, racism will improve.

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