The "isms" (Here are 804 characters all that your 1000 character max would accept. Are You starting "Wordism"?)

On , Randi Gage said:

There were “ism” hints from a sweet young woman who had changed how she wore her head covering, a child who challenged the adults to explain what was so obvious to him, a beautiful woman of colour who shared how a racist comment got her an education & Elders who spoke up about aging through a racist system. But nowhere were these “isms” given their proper names. We all know Racism & Sexism, how about Ageism - stereotyping and discriminating against individuals or groups on the basis of their age. REMEMBER this “ism” cuts Both ways as the child pointed out. Faithism - discrimination towards a person or group of people solely dependent on their faith, beliefs or religion. I have always been told there is one Creator no matter what name you know Him by. Like knowing your Grandmother as Granny, who is also Mrs. Judy Grandmother or Aunt Judy or Nanna, you get the picture. One entity with many names, right? Three “isms” that cover a small part of the racism dictionary.

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