When all women will be respected, all men will be respected.

On , Peace Pusher said:


Racism comes from the same pit as sexism. And while not all men are involved, and yet some women are involved, I have noticed that all sexist people have proven also racist when the opportunity to show this side appeared, as in person (often women) of non-white colour happened in the area of offender.

Until we correct that attitude with sexism, racism will happen. Racism is just not as obvious as open hate for non-white races is not a daily subject ad content and media comment we face every day.

Sadly, there are those of non-white races, mostly men and a small number of women, who are equally into sexism in what they say, do and produce.

When we can still hardly see a picture of a woman lazing on a comfy living room chair in a furniture ad, and the computer spews out images of women clearly suffering and starving and our women are ordered by bosses to wear foot crippling high heal shoes at work and a tone of other examples I could list off here, you know what I am getting at.

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