attack the problem

On , Derrick said:

I was pretty jaded in the past, I wouldn't say racist but it could of gone either way. I needed volunteer hours to apply for a job so I applied at a local aboriginal youth centre. My eyes were opened, my god some of these kids are born without a chance. They are so times taught at home to hate or distrust white people, or the parents are just absent which isn't good. I am pretty white,so needless to say these kids didn't take it me. The community outside the centre did not either, more then one tire was slashed as I parked to do my volunteer hours. But I got it, I see the problem and the solution, we have to focus on the youth, and we need white people to be the volunteers and the front lines when it comes to the youth. Some people may see this as racist, but in the end of my volunteering many of the young children liked me a lot,because you really can't hate someone who is always friendly to you no matter what you think you know, and I couldn't frown at th children once I understood.

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