Take race out of it

On , Christa said:

My frustrations stem out of the conception, or perhaps misconception, that our governments on all levels make decisions based on race. More specifically on that of minorities. Better job opportunities, better services, more subsidies for daycare and extra curricular activities, easier access to services, more affordable education or skills training, nicer/more playgrounds and splash parks... I would love to be shown otherwise. I would love for race to be taken out of the equation. Stop allowing government jobs opportunities to factor in race by asking if applicant is a visible minority. Base subsidies and social services solely on true financial needs and not what race one is. If we want to help reduce racism create a government based on equality. I agree with putting the true hard facts out there. Let's see where all our taxes go.Let's see results of how successful social programs and so called handouts are...Let's give no reason to be racist! Let's tell all sides of the story.

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