Society without Racism, Yes we can !!

On , Dr. Gurmeet Singh said:

Respected Honorable Mayor,

To stop racism in our province is to educate people about different religion, culture and customs. Despite of educated people in winnipeg still people did not know about other person faith and culture. We need to show these kinds of aspect of different culture in winnipeg. Instead of organised different pavillion of different country or religion we need a one big fest of all people together in one place where entry is free, free food, free cultural activity, free speech of different cultural involved and educate them why things are different. We need to teach our younger generation about every other culture sorrounding us as canada welcoming different nationality.
when all people are togther their mindset will be same and possiblities are they learn and remember other person belief and their society thinking.

Thanking you,

Warm Regards
Gurmeet Singh

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