Manditory tolerance classes for elementary school students

On , Mindy Lichtman said:

The problem with racism is that it is a deep rooted trait. Parents teach their children to be racist and it is difficult to change their way of thinking after that has happened. Manitoba needs to implement a mandatory tolerance/anti racism course that starts in kindergarten. Children should spend time each day discussing the subject of racism/bigotry/sexism/religious prejudice. The course should focus on: the history & origins of racism; apartheid & civil rights movements; Current issues; Women's rights & inequalities; World religions & why they clash; Tolerance;
Activities to demonstrate the harm of racism and promote acceptance. ex. There was a interesting activity done by a teacher named Jane Elliot who split the class based on eye colour and declared that one group was a lower class. They were denied privileges and treated like second class citizens. Then she switched and gave the other group all the privilege. Video on Youtube.
Schools are where anti-racist teaching must begin.

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