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On , Judith MacGowan said:

video's could be modelled on Sarika Dheer's videos ... depicting men (could also include women) surrounding and supporting females who are threatened by males while just walking down the street...simple but very effective. Have a contest in the schools media classes to produce this kind of video. In this video no words were used only actions. I saw this video on Facebook where Sarika is responding to the rape and murder of Jyoti Singh and the reactionary negativism that ensued. She, of course, is creating the positive, healing response supported by the outcry and demonstrations of people who were incensed by the violence against women. Gatherings are good too...the people sharing their voice on their experiences and ideas for change. Look to Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela and find those women leaders..I have met many in my work in developing crisis enters, women's resource centres and teaching aldult education in the Battlefords, Sk.

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