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On , Claire said:

Hi, I am not entirely sure how this will come across, but I will give it a go. I believe that rasism is huge in Winnipeg because of ignorance. For myself I find thoughts of not liking a certain race of people because they come here take "All" of the jobs, the work force has change drastically over the last ten years. Then I stop myself from being racist against them, the reality of it is it is not their fault it is the Governments fault. Even though "WE" as a whole vote the government in they in return do things without explanation. I personally have a few ideas that might end some of the racism in this city, making the work force equal. If you take a look around at superstore, Walmart anywhere really, especially the casinos. Also for those coming from another place like a war torn country, I belive that no one should ever live like that. But when people come here and form gangs and hurt people then they should go home. This is just my opinion. I'm just expressing . No offence

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