Stand Against Racism

On , David said:

How Winnipeggers can ACTIVELY stand against racism:

Hold a contest for artists, designers/architects. Invite their concepts for a small, specialized structure with pre-set dimensions. (Maybe 6 ft wide x 9ft high - drawing attached).

Select the top 10 ideas and pay the designers for constructing their respective stand. Seek a ‘sponsor’ for each stand to involve the Wpg business or Not-For-Profit community.

Place each stand in a high pedestrian traffic area: Forks, malls, Old Market Square etc.

Generate public fanfare as the stands are unveiled. Each stand would be a forum for people to take a ‘Stand against racism’.

Do you experience or witness racism in the world??? Take a stand. No need to do anything but stand. If others wish to join you, there’s room.

The stands might be empty some days. No prob. But if major news broke which reminded Winnipeggers that racism is still real, people could quietly come together across the city to share in the dream of seeing it end.

Once the sands are up, hold a social media contest...the person with the most original selfies/photos at each of the 10 stands wins.

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