Change your thoughts

On , Hilary said:

Racism has been around for years. There is no reversing what has been done and what is still occurring.
We weren’t born racist, nobody was.
We were all influenced as children to believe and follow what our peers and role models believed is “the right way.”
We, as adults tend to forget that we have an audience. Children look up to us, and follow the same steps we take. The children are our future. It is up to us as their role models to guide them in the right direction.
Discrimination and stereotyping has always been a major problem, it is stained into our society. As time goes by we can only learn to stop, empathize, and prevent the situation from escalating. We cannot completely end racism, but we can stop our own biased thoughts. We can, and we must, control how we treat each other. You cannot expect to gain respect if you don’t give respect. If we want to end racism we have to start with ourselves and how we influence the youth, our next generation.

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