Are we inaccurately grouping all systemic issues as "Racism"?

On , True North Strong And Free said:

Chipman: "reckless use of those kinds of terms is extremely damaging to all of us involved."

Seems to be a lot of that going on at city hall & in this city in general.

Racism is a global issue -- and to think that it doesn't extend beyond our city limits, our borders - then you are in complete denial.

Racism is, in and of itself, different than: racial discrimination, prejudice, violance against all women, disregard for the homeless, child poverty, child abuse, spousal abuse, substance abuse, etc.

To blame "racism" for all these issues, is not addressing the real problem, and it does a disservice to all those victims of abuse REGARDLESS of race. And if we can't properly identify the root cause of the problem, can we even make an attempt at finding a resolution for it?

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