Let's address the root cause of (most) racism: colonialism

On , Pierre Freynet said:

Historically, governments engaging in colonialism have created, used, and encouraged racism for the purpose of steering public opinion in order to help advance their colonialist agendas.

A few examples:

-the Nazis and their denigration of Jewish people during WWII

- Israel and its treatment of Palestinians

-the U.S., Canadian, and British governments and their demonization of Muslims to justify war in Iraq/Afghanistan

-John A. MacDonald and subsequent Can govts' brutally racist and violent policies towards aboriginals

Much of the racism towards First Nations people we see around us on an individual level today is a direct result of MacDonald and his racist politics and ideologies during Canada's early years.

To combat racism, one has to start by acknowledging for oneself that every human life is as important as the next. Then, one must educate oneself about local and national history in order to fully comprehend the true origins of modern racism.

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