Give Winnipeg a chance

On , Roger Taguchi said:

I was born in Winnipeg in1945 to parents born in Canada of Japanese ancestry. I never experienced racism against me from teachers or fellow students. However, when I was 6 or 7, on the way to Knox United Church for Sunday School, my younger brother and I had to walk by two boys who literally hissed hatred against us. It was unfair because the War was not my fault, but then I thought they might have a right to their hatred, because they might have lost a father, an uncle or a brother in Hong Kong (Canadian soldiers were stationed there when the Japanese attacked). So now that Winnipeg is able to handle the truth, it goes both ways. Aboriginals must accept that if racism against them is to be reduced, alcohol and drug abuse must be reduced. And success in school and on the job requires showing up on time every day if possible, and doing as one is told by the teacher or supervisor without hard feelings. Canada will need Aboriginal youth to do the jobs in the future.

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