On , Ron Nowakowski said:

Having worked professionally as a consultant in the management of loss field for over 30 years, some solid wisdom has formed with me.

We are ALL different and yet we are ALL the same with some basic common ground.

Like a 3 legged stool with each leg named people, property and money, we cannot stand straight and strong with any one of those missing. Each leg needs protection for to provide strong support.

We do not all know how to manage that basic requirement of life. This is something that is learned.
We should have the empathy to recognize that.

After all " a problem is nothing more than an opportunity waiting to be fixed".

Like a navigational tools, our heart will , if we listen, tell us what we should do and how we should go about it.

A win, win for all!

This is that simple and yes, that complex. :)

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