Educate our Youth

On , Colleen Molloy said:

My thought on this is, we werent born to b racist, it was taught to us straight up... I think that it should start in the schools educate our kids on the Native Culture by bringing in Elders both Metis' n Aboriginal teach them of the Past n the Present we can make a difference!! I was bullied bad in school because i was what they called a * Dirty White Indian* I didnt belong in thier school.What I'm sayin is I didnt teach my childern to be Racist because of what I went through as a kid. I've always thought we were the same reguardless of colour, we all bleed red. I also wondered why wasnt there a class on Native language as I would of perfered my kids to learn that instead of French.. We have to start somewhere so why not our schools???

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