Education as a Solution

On , Brandy Kowal said:

I believe that we can begin to end racism through the education system, starting before university. When I got to UofM and took my introductory native studies courses, suddenly I was learning a historical and contemporary picture of Aboriginal peoples that I had never known! I didn't know about colonization, it's effects, and how this cultural genocide has become intergenerational. We should begin with our young people, mandatory native studies courses in schools. Something that will teach colonial history, residential schools, and the effects of colonization. In this way we can develop understanding and a plan to move forward.
Beyond this, and perhaps most simply, we need to practice love. Love each other without judgement. Love by honouring and respecting one another. Beginning individually and among families, we can teach our children not to hate and to instead love their peers.
We all have a part to play in ending racism.

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