Role of CMHR in Analysing Canadian Social Issues

On , Brynn Morrison-Lount said:

My suggestion would be to create an independent inquiry into the creation of the exhibits at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, to examine the underlying politics that went into the development of exhibit content. This content significantly fails to promote a personal, critical analysis of Canadian and Winnipeg visitor situatedness with respect to human rights abuses in Canada. As a tax-payer funded institution that should take an active role in the common good, the museum's content appears to do quite the opposite, and avoids tackling the pressing problems being experienced at home, to focus on a historical 'other'. It appears to be an effort to avoid making the visitor feel uncomfortable, and the motivations for this should be analysed.
Instead of memorialising human rights abuses elsewhere, the CMHR should clearly contribute to the active education of the Canadian public so as to aid in the evolution of Canadian society, and make it a more inclusive and just place to be.

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