Replace "Tolerance" with "Celebration"

On , Shannon Vanderlinde said:

We need to rebrand The Forks (primarily the Forks Market) to coincide with this ONE Summit.

The legacy of The Forks is that it is a "meeting place", and it does it not look like it. On an average day, Winnipeggers and tourists are not getting a "See and Shop The World" experience. They are met with a half-finished farmer's market, a giant red rooster, several half-set-up shops, and disgruntled shop and restaurant owners. Could you imagine, if The Forks (with a new brand identity,) boasted a "We are ONE Centre" (or similar) instead of The Forks Market?!

This Centre could be the celebration of cultural diversity - like Folklorama all year long, with shopping to boot. Inclusive marketing and messages would be all about the shop owners - the people who make the world accessible in one location. Here in Winnipeg, we shouldn't even use the word "tolerance" when it comes to racial diversity. We should be able to prove that Winnipeggers "CELEBRATE" cultural diversity, all year round.

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