Misnomer Misfortune

On , Stickler said:

Globally, most academics agree there are but three races, namely, Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid. Recently, not without much debate, a fourth, Australoid, has been promoted. Among these there are thousands of racial subsets that identify from within. So many that in 1950 the U.N. elected to dispense with the term "race" and adopted a policy to simply refer to "ethnic groups". This, in my view is prudent today. Hatred against a specific ethnic group is not correctly termed racism, but bigotry. Bigotry extends beyond racial subsets to visible minorities across the spectrum. The mentally or physically challenged, the right wing, the left wing, the environmentalists etc.are all subject to people who hold preconceived notions and disassociate with them for one reason or another. Unless / until all individual's justifications for their various opinions in this regard are known by everyone, conflict will continue to flourish. Successful social structures demand regulatory consensus!

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