Are we all racist?

On , Anonymous said:

It seems there is very little one can say that precludes you from being a racist. Example, Majority of children in CFS are Aboriginal. You'll be labeled a racist for stating a fact. We are so preoccupied with trying to be politically correct, we ignore a real solution to the issues and point fingers. Recently the Chief from Peguis commented that the Kapyong land would benefit their "poor". That comment in itself is racist. Do the "poor" not exist in all cultures and races? Government agencies spend oodles of money promoting and fighting racism. When for example, will Mayor Bowman remove the policy of hiring where Aboriginals get preferential consideration? When governments at all levels stop treating groups as "distinct societies" and everybody as "ONE" as they pretend to represent to us, then stand up and say we are "ONE". We ALL have the same opportunity to improve our lives. Its so easy to blame our struggles on this or that. Take responsibility for ourselves, please.

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