Not a racist city

On , Breanne said:

We are not a racist city.We just states the facts. Aboriginals will never let go something that happened years ago, and our government Is letting that happen. The city has tried helping in numerous of ways, but theyre not helping themselves. Aboriginals are also complaining about how we have to save their women, meanwhile its them who are killing their women (it is a very sad and terrible thing, however these are the facts).The city should be treating EVERYONE as equal when you are a Canadian citizen and Manitoba resident Get over it already. Pretty soon us white people should start pulling the race card because us white people get the blame for everything, basically because we are white We give hand outs so easy to people who don't want to help themselves yet we are the issues. Try helping other races who need the help and who will actually use it. If aboriginal doesn't want the hand outs, it should atleast be transferrable to others needing a hand and who will use it.

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