Fight against Racism hijacked

On , Bigdawg said:

As a visible minority in this city, I've seen the fight against racism put on the back burner, while special interest groups have been gaining more attention and interest. Racism is the elephant in the room - everyone knows it's there, but no one is willing to acknowledge its presence. While racism against First Nations is finally being addressed, other visible minorities are being ignored, especially males. The women's rights, the gay rights, the environment, animal rights and other such movements have evolved into something trendy to support, while racism against visible minorities remains largely ignored. Racism in Winnipeg, (I can't speak for other locales), has a different face, for the most part, than the stereotypical blatant racism, observed in the U.S. or TV for instance. One example:- Have you ever heard or said to a black person, ' you're not that black?' While the intent might be complimentary, it actually divides black people by the shade of their skin.

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