Race No Ism

On , pablo e said:

As an aboriginal student in Yellow Quill College in the mature student program, I am trying to educate myself to better understand racism and how to curb racism so it’s no longer a social problem but a problem within the persons being judgmental. I understand all of these points on the site are debateable and some might be true but it’s up to you to be an adult and help the situation not go on here and write your two cents to point out the problem even more, who’s that going to help; remember what you say can only be forgotten not forgiven. There are people trying to help make Winnipeg the beautiful city it once was beautiful again with starting with us as a society. Remember we all live here and we all live under the same book cover as our title ‘Winnipegger’s’. Imagine if you were discriminated for being yourself and believing in what your ancestors did for hundreds of years before.

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