#2 - Partners in the business sector

On , Ancients Channel said:

Unions, professional associations, and the like, can play a part. A small list of protocols (no more than 10) for engaging with minorities should be developed and aggressively promoted in the workforce. Simple things like: "when you meet someone from another country/race/ethnicity forget any preconceived notions you have about that group and let them enlighten you about their people because your preconceived notion might be incorrect and offensive." How about: "“If a co-worker comes from a nation, region, or group suffering political and social turmoil, do not provide
unsolicited, oversimplified, and generalized
solutions to the issue.” It's so annoying when people things like "Indian just need to get off their butts," or "Africa wouldn't have any problems if they had birth control" or "they should just go back to their own f**kin' country."

Simple protocols for social engagement in a multicultural society promoted by business.

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