Stop Yelling

On , Khym Christensen said:

I'm am red, white, brown, yellow..Black
Black inside from all the hate! ...I am tired of this thing that people do called racism. .
We are all the same inside.. Some bad, some good, some indifferent.
We are all human.
The blacks yell racism, the Natives yell racism, the Hispanic yell racism, the Asians yell racism... When everyone stops yelling maybe we will see finally see we are all just People.
Crime is crime it should be punished!
If someone is raped
they should have justice, if someone is robbed they should have justice, if someone is assaulted they should have Justice!
When everyone stops yelling then maybe we will have Peace.
maybe then we can focus on what is most important like Saving and protecting this Planet that we all live on.
Clean air, Good food, clean water..
As long as everyone is Yelling this will not happen, when we are all dead our skin color will not matter.

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