First step to improve relations is listening

On , Collin Doyle said:

Inform people about the treaties, the Indian Act, and why the so called "handouts" are no such thing. Educate people about the genocide committed against the first nations people in this country. Many people have no clue what the original partnership was about, how the Indian Act was meant to avoid honoring that partnership by elliminating (assimilation is much the same word) first nation people. Most of all, start listening to first nations people when they tell you their stories, and not like the paternalistic parent, but as a concerned friend. Above all, stop sugar coating things for fear of upsetting people. Understand that giving someone what is rightfully theirs is not a handout, and stop expecting them to "get over it". You have no right to ask that of them. For a start, the city could pressure the federal government to stop obfuscating with regards to kapayong barracks?

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