It Starts With Me

On , Tracy Proutt said:

All the recent dialogue about racism in Winnipeg has been very interesting. Kudos to Mr. Bowman for his stance.

I will say it really has me to thinking about what I can do. It's easy to point our fingers at leaders and politicians and demand change. I realize though that each of us, as citizens of Winnipeg, can make a difference, with small steps.
In the past few days, I've found myself really paying attention to the way I treat people - ALL PEOPLE - and trying to be empathetic and aware, and appreciate and respect our differences and similarities. It may seem small, but smiling at everyone I see, saying hello, helping someone who is in trouble, all those things add up. If each of us were to stop and think before we speak, try to walk a mile in someone else's shoes and just be more respectful and kind to each other, I do believe collectively, it WILL make a difference. The blame game needs to end and we all have to take ownership for our own behaviours and actions.

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