On , Doug Hornby said:

How to foster and increase racism:

Treat one or more segments of society differently than the others. Give them “fast-tracks” to jobs, services, etc. They, the few, will now be “SPECIAL”, above the throng, they will (for the most part) be able to do no wrong, because they now have privilege.
Suspend the “law of the land” for some of these “SPECIAL” people. Allow the things, the illegal things that they do to go un-punished. No matter the harm or inconvenience to the rest of society, these are special people, and their cause is just. Just cause, because they are special.
Cater to “loud mouthed” social justice warriors, because of their “perceived” hurt.

Three simple things to alienate the rest of society.

Ending racism is a lofty goal, impossible to obtain. However, we can reduce its effects, mitigate its growth, and provide a society where most people can succeed.
Reverse ALL of the laws and policies in the above three items.

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