Winnipeg's aboriginals

On , Kyle said:


When it comes to racism, as Mayor Bowman has said, it will never end. There is also a line between racism and growing tired of behavior non-aboriginals witness. As someone born and raised in Winnipeg, I have been to every inch of the city over my 40 years, and I get frustrated over seeing intoxicated aboriginals stumbling around downtown. I am annoyed by what has become of the north end. It is not justified to say I am racist. What I think the aboriginal community needs to do is support each other. When a minority in the population is the majority in the prisons, rather than assert racism, the aboriginal community needs to unite to put an end to criminal behavior. The higher than average birth rate in the community is something many of us see as detrimental because statistics show the high number of aboriginal children in CFS, and parents on social assistance. Young aboriginals need to be discouraged from having children until they are secure (educated & employed).


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