Equality in Status, Rights & Opportunities

On , Treaty said:

Stemming from the recent events of Maclean's Magazine's article on how Winnipeg is the most Racist city in Canada, we felt hard pressed to address the issue as well. After the article was published, we'd like to think that Winnipeger's were floored. It raised a lot of questions and some inaccurate statements were made.News reports, articles and people were focussing in on how the "Friendly Manitoba" could have earned this title. Most First Nation/Anishinaabe people could have told you their story, but you probably wouldn't listen because they never have the chance, nor the credibility. It took a educated caucasian "trustworthy" individual to get you to listen to what was right, which was the racist issues in Winnipeg, aside from a few inaccurate points used as the main subject.
But, nonetheless you did, and what will come of it? We'd like to hope for positive changes...

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