Citizens of Winnipeg

On , BRYSON said:

Dear Citizens of Winnipeg,
Racism is a continuing problem carried through the generations by the same positive or negative attitudes taught about racism.
The topic of racism is a big concern to Aboriginal people and many other ethnic groups. I have witnessed situations that are racist in nature and over heard the comments, harmful actions, and racial discrimination aimed at people of all ethnicities. This needs to stop.
Until we, as a community, help each other by facing the situation instead of ignoring it, racism will be endless.
We can start by advertising on billboards, transit buses, and local tv so the public remains informed and affected about racism. We need to focus on the topic and the solution.
We can start with means of understanding by teaching about and accepting the differences in all people so that the community will change for the better.
My hope is that everybody is respectful and honest to each other.
Is that the future we want?

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