A Way to Better Understand Each Other

On , K.Mck said:

To: Everyone reading this:
I’m an aboriginal male taking my Grade 12 upgrading in Winnipeg. Living in Winnipeg all my life, I‘ve been through racism myself and have seen friends of all types of races go through different types of racism; I want to better understand racism.
I think a good way to stop racism is for everyone to start talking to each other about who they are, what their beliefs are, and what their religious beliefs are, so we can better understand each others’ ethnic backgrounds. I think one way to take a step forward is to arrange a meeting in different parts of the city once a year, or maybe more then once a year, so we can get to know one another. It would be a day where you could bring your family and friends to get to know people of all other ethnic groups and learn about their way of life. I would like it that one day you could be proud of what nationality you are and not have to worry about what walk of life you come from.

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