# 6 - stop pretending there's no corruption in the justice system

On , Ancients Channel said:

It is there. The Powers-that-be don't wanna take it on, but it has to be done.

Police need constant reminders that in the hierarchy of principles, the rule of law is above esprit de corp. When loyalty to your fellow officers is more important than doing what's right for the citizens you're supposed to protect, then the police are no better than a biker gang whose values of brotherhood and loyalty are the same as esprit de corp.

In administrative law, the principles of Natural Justice need to be enshrined in plain language legislation that disadvantaged citizens can understand. The applicability of Natural Justice in administrative law is affirmed in case law, but most of us don't know how to research or cite case law properly. If we are among the working poor, hiring a lawyer to file for judicial review is not an option. When Natural Justice is enshrined in legislation, the various boards and tribunals will think twice about engaging in corrupt practices.

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