Being "R.A.C.I.S.T." is

On , Elizabeth said:

Being R.A.C.I.S.T. is "Radically Allowing Cowardly Ideas Surface Time". I would really like to know, what is that racist-minded people are so afraid of exactly? What do you think people from cultures different than yours could possibly take from you? On what do you base your fears? Have you actually investigated other cultures for yourself, or have you just allowed yourself to be brainwashed by fear-mongering?

We are all flowers in Creator's Garden. We all breath, bleed, cry and laugh. We all came from mothers and fathers, and we all have hopes for our children to live happy lives.

It is weakness and fear that creates racist ideas. It takes courage and strength to respect and appreciate difference. If a person's cultural traditions do no harm, then what's the big deal? No one can take anything from your cultural beliefs if you don't let them. So don't allow your fear to lead you into thinking you have the right to judge others because of their cultural beliefs.

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