Rethinking, Reproaching and Rebranding (RRR) Winnipeg’s Racist

On , David Atem said:

I do hereby propose and recommend the following:
• Winnipeg mayoral office should establish a committee comprised of all relevant stakeholders i.e. all ethnicity to address underrepresentation and fairness among the communities that make up Winnipeg’s population; the goal is to eliminate racist inclination so that participation of all ethnicities as a way forward to embark on the journey of installing transparency and respect to other cultures;
• Given sensitivity and complexity of issues and time constraint, committee members should be given incentives;
• Committee should define and identify what constitutes racism in the city;
• Committee should be given enough resources and autonomy to avoid any form of compromise
• To establish and address the root cause(s) of racism and indiscriminate violence imposed upon vulnerable populations e.g. women and underage youths etc.;
• That work of proposed committee will be divided into two; part A, will be enacted as legislation and part B, will

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