Education combats racism

On , Wab Kinew said:

Ideally, every Winnipegger should learn a bit about Indigenous culture by participating in events like pow-wows, or spending time with First Nations, Metis and Inuit friends.

Falling short of that, we ought to have our education system fill in the gap. Teaching about the strength and beauty of traditional cultures, as well as the challenging aspects of our past like Residential Schools, is an important step towards fighting racism and building empathy. The good news is that many schools are doing this work today.

But what about all of the adults who did not have the benefit of this type of teaching?

Life long learning opportunities about Indigenous peoples should be available to all. The City can set the tone by holding learning events internally for its staff and sharing materials with the public.

Our city has an Indigenous name (Ojibwe: Winnibing, Cree: Winnipik), let's all learn and understand our Indigenous heritage!

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