Tackling Racism with a Smile (Part 1)

On , Matthew Bzura said:

Racism sucks. It’s painful to those who feel its sharp stab, a barrier to those who deal with its systemic reality, and awkward for those who aren’t exactly sure how to deal with it.

Winnipeg had to stomach a harsh truth when Maclean’s Magazine targeted our prairie city and labeled our citizens with an offensive headline. Although some folks will argue that the article was out of touch there’s no denying that racism is alive and well, not just in Winnipeg, but across Canada.

Here’s another shocker: most of the racism that does exist in our country is aimed primarily at our Aboriginal population. Why? You’d have to get into Canadian history and the evolution of sociological issues that I simply won’t be able to address due to the space limitations and time constraints of this piece. Instead I’m writing today to offer a creative suggestion on how we can approach this issue, shoulder to shoulder, as a community.


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