Why are we stuck on only Natives in the racism issue.

On , Mary said:

Mayor Bowman, I have lived in Wpg. all my life and have not felt the racism against the white people like you get from the Pilipino people. We welcomed them to our country with open arms and they refuse to speak the English language even the ones born here. It is rude especially when they speak it right in front of non Pilipino people, even though they do speak English. They treat the white people like 2nd class citizens. I had to visit my mom in the hospital daily for 6 months a few years ago and you would not believe it what I observed and how the white patients were treated by them and how one of theirs was treated. I had a meeting with the hospital office and they said they have many complaints but there is nothing they can do. In business staff rooms across the city, they are told to speak English but they refuse. This needs to be looked into just as much as the native issue.

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