Speak up

On , surely aboriginal said:

I am a Native Woman, and I am in a Mature Grade 12 Program. I think a reasonable way to end racism is to stand up to it, and speak up if you are or you see someone being racially harassed. Many of us see racism everyday and we turn a blind eye to it, but we should not let racism get as far as it does. Our own country has been labelled as more racist than America and it’s almost right because we don’t often stand up and help ourselves or others who are being racially abused. The best way to go about it without stirring up controversy; in my opinion, is for everyone to help out a little bit more when they witness someone being racist and just point out that what they said sounds sort of discriminatory. If they continue to be un-mindful then help escort the victim away from the person who is showing this behavior. We can show the person who is discriminating that they can’t bother us with their rude comments, and that we have the strength to walk away from negativity very easily.

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