Idle No More

On , Working Winnipegger said:

To be perfectly honest when "Idle No More" started, I thought the aboriginal people meant they would no longer be idle and they would go and get a job and be hardworking members of society. I obviously quickly realized that they meant the government was being idle. I am so sick of hearing aboriginals crying for more handouts. There are more incentives for aboriginal people than any other group of people, and that in itself is racism. I am tired of working hard every single day while people scream for more money that I earned. Why is it only racism when it is against aboriginals - isn't it racism that there are incentives for certain groups of people in the first place? Shouldn't it be the same for everyone, regardless of past ancestral mistakes? How are we going to be 1 Winnipeg when there are racial incentives by our government? Any group of people has to start somewhere to be productive. The handouts are bleeding our system dry. Please go get a job!

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