On , Love Me Love My Winnipeg said:

I grew up in a lower income household, and work hard to provide a middle class life for my family. My grandparents "farmed" swampy land in SE MB in mud houses, no electricity or running water, they worked hard to escape that reality. My dad was a janitor, my mom worked in retail (odd hours). No one was mad or asking the government for $ because we were given a swamp to homestead on. They pulled their work boots on and inched out. Like so many other immigrants do.
OK, I now work downtown for the last 3 years. 100% of everyone who approaches me for a handout, and or has harrassed me when I have politely declined, is of native descent. So, how is the plight of the pan handlers my fault? How are they different from my ancestors? Why does there need to be a quick fix, generation to generation gains is how my ancestors overcame poverty.
I am not trying to be mean, but why is it my fault or my responsibility when 100's of billions of dollars have already thrown at this already.

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