Use the creation of Zimbabwe as the road map.

On , John said:

I think a good idea would be to expropriate a large portion of Manitoba to give to First Nations, similar to the creation of Zimbabwe beginning in 1980.

It may be one of the poorest countries in the world today, but, country building takes time. I would suggest that in 500-600 years Zimbabwe will be one of jewels of the world.

Start with property legislation that's representative of the population. I understand that the aboriginal population is approaching 1/3 of the Manitoba population, maybe it's time that First Nations should own 1/3 of the property? It's only fair.

Just because people payed for their property doesn't mean it's theirs to keep, forever.

The very first step would be to elect an aboriginal led government. With population growth in the First Nations community, we could see that happening in the next 20 years or so based on the simplist math.

just a suggestion with lots of details to be ironed out.

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