Native Racism

On , Sandra said:

A slow/steady reduction to native children in CFS, and a slow and steady increase of responsibility to the native people to care for their own families. Reduce this 10-20% per year. Make a 5-10 year plan to create accountability. Phinex Sinclair case was so emotional. Last month another 4 year old girl died. TODAY I just read another 2 year old boy died on the reserve. This cannot continue - if the native community desires respect.
We need to "train the trainer" approach here. Teach key people in each reserve accountability-to family-to community. Create centers where they can share their knowledge. MONITOR RESULTS. Thousands of native children are in CFS care - tax payers money supports them - which fosters a negative perception. Things purchased for reserves (vehicles, houses etc) - should not be replenished within 10 years - too much wasted commodities in the northern reserves, because they know if they destroy something they will get another

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