Let our Collective Healing Begin

On , Gerald McIvor said:

There is hope but we (individually and collectively) must be ready to admit we are racist in our (sometimes subtle and sub-conscience) everyday actions and thoughts. Let us look beyond the Red/White/Black/Yellow circle of life and look at our humanity and how we exercise it with each other through our interactions, whether they be physical or electronic. Let us begin to see all actions as a hand up and not a handout, let us give a handshake instead of a backhand, let us give a smile instead of a sneer, let us be brothers instead of bothers, let us regain the status of equal human beings again as our Creator intended when we were gifted with this life. Until we truly begin healing together, the wounds which separate us will fester and grow and that does none of us any good! We must be co-habitants on Mother Earth for as long as the sun shines, the grasses grow and the waters flow, lets make the best of it!

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