On , Barry M. said:

I was the first person in Canada to form a volunteer citizen's safety foot patrol and we patrolled one of the worst crime and grime areas of the country, right here in Winnipeg, the Main Street strip and the North end. I am aboriginal and in the 80's it was tougher to get ideas across and deal with officials, a lot harder than today.

My idea for dealing with the issue is to have an open door policy at city hall and maybe once every two weeks or month have a greet and meet for coffee for half an hour or so with some city Councillors, the Mayor and top brass of the city. It could be held just before council meetings or other times of the day or week. It wouldn't have to be about politics or the workplace just a chance to get to know each other better. It seems to work in other cities.

Everyone would be welcome. Citizens could call and arrange the gathering beforehand, no formalities needed. Thank you.

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